Dàn lạnh Küba market SP

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Dàn lạnh Küba market SP

- Kinh Doanh 1: 0967494786

- Kinh Doanh 2: 0967494482

- Hotline: 0473013638

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Product Description

The decisive factor in a refrigeration plant is the energy balance. We have radically redesigned the complete market SP unit cooler by perfecting the interaction between individual components – which enables significant increase in energy efficiency.

In this way we sustainably counter constantly rising operating costs, while also consistently meeting increasingly stringent legislative requirements (e.g., ErP 2015).

The result: the best market SP cooler ever.

  • Maximum energy efficiency due to low power consumption and great overall system efficiency.
  • „„Performance-optimized heat exchanger, with the best fan system available today.
  • Innovative hygienic design assures thorough cleaning of heat exchanger and fan.
  • High-grade powder coating and use of composite-fiber materials, which minimizes corrosion.
  • Excellent connection to the piping network as a result of the larger connection area in the side box.

market SP models

    • SPA
      Khoảng cách
      4 mm
      Công suất (SC2)
      1,3 kW up to 46 kW
      Phạm vi giới hạn (tL1)
      -25°C up to +20°C
      Số quạt
      230, 300, 350, 450 mm
    • SPB
      Fin spacing
      7 mm
      Khoảng công suất (SC2)
      0,6 kW up to 32 kW
      Khoảng nhiệt độ (tL1)
      -25°C up to +20°C
      Số quạt
      Đường kính quạt
      230, 300, 350, 450 mm


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