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Dàn lạnh kuba

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Product Description

Shock freezing foodstuffs is technically extremely demanding on air coolers. The SF blastfreezer meets these demands effortlessly.

The technical specifications covering the cooling surface, the air volume, the finned piping system and the distribution of the refrigerant have all created benchmarks and guarantee the reliability of the process.

They are accurately balanced in the SF blastfreezer to optimise shock freezing.

  • Dimensions are designed to suit standard tray carts: perfect distribution of cold air directly onto the refrigerated goods.
  • „Height-adjustable floor brackets: for perfect adjustment to on-site conditions.
  • High air circulation rate with indirect air flow over the refrigerated goods: This ensures good economy, retention of produce quality and reaching the core temperature of the produce in the shortest possible time.
  • Correspondingly large fin spacing guarantees quick cooling: this results in a long service life of the evaporator.

More powerful motors: Version V 1.60

Even more flow optimised through precise coordination of fans and heat exchangers

  • Improved distribution of air in the heat exchanger
  • Integrated full bell mouth
  • ErP 2015 compliant
  • Significantly improved energy efficiency

„„Low installation depth of approx. 200 mm

„„The electrical power consumption has been reduced considerably.
The saved electrical energy is not absorbed by the evaporator. It contributes to the increase in actual cooling power.

SF blastfreezer models

    • SFB
      Khoảng cách
      7 mm
      Khoảng công suất(SC3)
      14 kW up to 70 kW
      Số quạt
      Đường kính quạt
      560 mm
    • SFK
      Khoảng cách
      10 mm
      Khoảng công suất (SC3)
      12 kW up to 62 kW
      Số quạt
      Đường kính quạt
      560 mm
    • SFL
      Khoảng cách
      12 mm
      Khoảng công suất(SC3)
      10 kW up to 55 kW
      Số cánh quạt
      Đường kính quạt
      560 mm


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